Yorkshire Terriers

Welcome to yorkshire-terriers.net, where you can view useful, free information about Yorkshire Terriersyorkie such as their diets, history, how to care for them, and more. All the information displayed on the web site has been written based on personal experience. The yorkshire terrier (also known as a 'yorkies' are classified as a toy dog breed, due to their size and characteristics.

Yorkshire terriers usually consists of different shades of brown, and a black/dark blue coat. As puppies, yorkies usually appear almost all black, however as they grow out of the puppy stage, most of the black fur becomes replaced with brown, apart from the back usually. Overall yorkshire terriers have a good temperament, and are a good choice for a first family pet.

They can also have either have long hair of short wire hair, however this all depends on the genetics of the dog, such as its parents coat. Yorkshire Terriers are also very intelligent dogs, they can usually understand commands within hours, and many authorative professors have commented that yorkies are one of the brightest dog breeds.

Positive Characteristics

  • Boldness
  • Intelligence
  • Activeness