Yorkshire Terrier Care

terrierOverall, Yorkshire Terriers are generally a healthy breed of dog, however like most dogs, they are prone to diseases, bellow is a list of these.

  • Hypoglycemia
  • Bronchitis
  • Cataracts


Yorkshire terriers also have a senstive stomach, therefore anything abnormal included in their diet may result in temporary sickness. As small dogs, although yorkies are generally strong and blod for their size, the are also prone to injury. This is usually due to a human error, such as standing on a paw etc.  If a yorkshire terrier is looked after, they general live between 12 - 15 years,  which is good considering their size, however mixture yorikes may not live as long. 

Generally Yorkshire terries are regarded as difficult to house break, although these dogs are intelligent, due to their in dependant nature, which is a characteristic within most yorkies. However do not be dishearten by this as once house broken, your yorkies will be much easier to live with. A yorkies behavior is usually linked to how they are trained, for example some yorkies bark at strangers, whilst others get excited. My yorkshire terrier general does bark at people it cannot see, but hear. Also yorkies can be protective of their items, such as beds, toys etc, however they usually do not show aggression to humans.