Yorkshire Terrier Diet

Similar to most dogs, yorkshire terriers usually benefit from a varied diet of fresh food, as mentioned withinpuppy another page, yorkies have sensitive stomachs, therefore take care in feeding them new foods. Try and feed dry foods, such as dog biscuits rich in essential vitamins, which helps to ensure a balanced diet. Also due to their small size, yorkies can become obese in they do not exercise  much, therefore avoid the temptation to feed them fatty foods. Below is a list of food which you should not feed a yorkie, and most dogs.


  • Chocolate - Poisonous to yorkies and dogs
  • Cat Food - Usually has a too much protein and fat
  • Sugary foods - Can cause obesity and dental problems can occur
  • Fat from meat - Can cause obesity and harm the Pancreas


Generally, just use your common sense before deciding what to feed your yorkie, personally I would say a mixed diet consisting of dog biscuits and fresh chicken would be an adequate choice. Also ensure water is always available, especially when feeding your yorkies biscuits, this is due to biscuits can absorb water, which can dehydrate your dog which would lead to illness. If you have a yorkshire terrier puppy, their sugar levels can drop quickly if meals are not feed often, try to feed small amount throughout the day, to keep your puppies sugar level at a stable level.