Yorkshire Terrier Facts

yorkieWithin this page, facts regarding dogs in general and yorkshire terriers will be displayed, for example did you know that Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog, not the Great Dane, as this is the tallest dog.  And did you know that yorkshire terries and regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs. More great facts can be found below.


  • Chihuahua is the smallest dogs
  • A puppy is born blind and without teeth
  • Dogs sweat through pads on their feet
  • The Labrador is the most popular dogs throughout the US and UK
  • Dogs are stated approximately fourteen times within the bible
  • Dalmatian puppies are born without spots
  • A dogs eye slight is twice as good as a humans in dark light!


Yorkshire terries are popular acting dogs, and with celebrities, for example Justin Timberlake owns two yorkies, also Yorkshire terriers have appeared in movies such as The Urban Legend, Meet The Fookers, Wizard of Oz. Below is a list of other celebrity yorkie owners.

  • Kelly Rowland
  • Bruce Willis
  • Missy Eliot