Yorkshire Terrier History

Originally the Yorkshire Terrier was used to control vermin, such as mice rats which usually nested within smallyorkie spaces, such as burrows and dens, due the typical yorkies size and courage, this made it an ideal dog for the job. The Yorkshire Terrier acquires its name from Yorkshire, which is a country within England. The yorkshire terrier was introduce to the US in the late eighteen hundreds, this was the 26 breed to be registered by the American Kennel Club.

The yorkshire terrier became a popular dog throughout the years, until around the 1940's, when a survey reveal a drop in 17% of yorkies owners. However this has not drastically increased, for example the yorkies was found to be the second most populate dog within the US, which is a great achievement. This boost in popularity probably came from a yorkshire terrier becoming a war hero, within World War II.

The generic makeup of how the yorkshire terrier was formed is still unknown, however small dogs crossbreeding are likely to be the outcome of the yorkies. Also when yorkies were first bred, they weighted up to 30lb, not the average weight of 3- 7 lb which we all see today, they became a toy breed within the 1930s.